Paruch Automotive Craftsmanship, llc 

Superior Classic Car Restoration and Sheet Metal Shaping    

Classic Car Restoration and Sheet Metal Shaping


"Quality is never an accident, It is always the result of intelligent effort"  John Ruskin

Classic Car Restoration

World class vehicle body restoration for your collector car

Whether you need rust repair on your favorite classic car, or significant panel work on your prized investment, Paruch Automotive Craftsmanship has the skills and the experience to bring your project back to life!  

Sheet Metal Shaping and Repair

Coach work, part replication, and customizing

Often when restoring or modifying prized collectible cars, it is necessary to create new sheet metal components.  Our experience working on valuable historic automobiles includes crafting body panels and trim components that match the original contours perfectly.  We can also create using photographs and drawings as reference. 

Using traditional "old school" methods, we can straighten and repair damaged metal when maintaining the original metal of the vehicle is required.

Welding and Fabrication

MIG and TIG Welding, Tube Bending, Sand bent tubes, etc..

At Paruch Automotive Craftsmanship, we like to build, fix, and make things. Give us a call to find out how we can help.